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  • Oliver Weber

Fluffy Pancake v2.0.... Seoul Style

Surely the trend of fluffy, jiggling, light as air pancakes is something you have seen.....

Soufflé Pancakes are the latest import from Japan, fresh from the Tokyo cafe scene. In Korea, the craze has been upgraded to version 2.0, K style.

Take a trip to Dong Baek Bakery in Ikseon-Dong in Seoul. Located in a trendy, 1920's perserved neighbourhood prepares you for the same mix of traditional and adding of contemporary 2.0 design upgrade which is driving Korean inspiration in fashion, make up, and yes.... PANCAKES.

Take the traditional pancake, add in whipped egg whites, whipped cream and Korean ingredients such as perfectly ripe strawberries or traditional rice cake....

Fluffy Pancake version 2.0 - egg white whipped pancake, soft whipped cream, Korean rice cake...

get ready to wait there is always a line as this is as popular as the Japanese original. While you are waiting in line, the open kitchen gives you a window into the world of soufflé pancakes.....

Dong Baek Bakery Soufflé Pancakes

Address: 서울특별시 종로구 종로1.2.3.4가동 수표로28길 17-24 Nearest Subway: Jongno 3-ga

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